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Advocacy Services

We provide advocacy and counseling services for victims of intimate partner violence, family violence, child abuse, rape and sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and sexual harassment. Our advocacy services include:

  • 24 Hour Hotline
  • Crisis Counseling/Intervention
  • Support groups for adults and children
  • Safety Planning
  • Criminal Justice, Legal, Medical Advocacy and Accompaniment
  • Assistance with Family Court Petitions
  • Referrals to Safe Shelter
  • Referrals and accompaniment for Sexual Assault Forensic Exams
  • Advocacy with Social Services and Other Agencies
  • Hopeline Phones
  • Emergency cell phones that dial directly to 911
  • Any other services necessary for the safety of the victim

If you would like to speak to an advocate during office hours you may use the directory or contact form on the Contact Us page.

If you are in a crisis or cannot reach anyone at the office, call the hotline day or night: 800-247-7273