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Education Services

We believe that education is the key to prevention. We have been providing primary prevention education in our area schools since 1982, adapting each year to the changing needs of the community. Here are some of the prevention programs we provide:

  • K-6th Grade Regents Mandated Personal Safety
  • Universal Pre-K Personal Safety
  • 7-12th Grade presentations tailored to the school’s request including:
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Internet Safety
    • Love 146 Youth Trafficking Prevention
  • 3-12th Grade Girls Circle/Boys Council Empowerment Groups
  • College Bystander Intervention
  • College RA Trainings
  • College classroom presentations tailored to the instructor’s request on all topics related to intimate partner and sexual violence
  • College Women’s Circle Empowerment Groups

If you would like to speak to an advocate during office hours you may use the directory or contact form on the Contact Us page.

If you are in a crisis or cannot reach anyone at the office, call the hotline day or night: 800-247-7273